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Most Financial Advisor Websites Are Terrible

1. You Don't Capture Leads.


This is a big mistake, and it’s one I see most often. If a visitor comes to your website but isn’t ready to do business with you at that moment — which describes most financial advisor leads — you need to have some sort of capture form. Otherwise, by the time there’s a need, your lead will have long forgotten about you.
I’ve never understood why advisors put so much money and effort into marketing their site but don’t even try to capture leads — it’s crazy to me. Plus, the best part is the people who are interested enough to fill out a lead-capture form automatically go from cold to warm in your sales funnel.
If you want to nurture a connection with someone who’s interested but isn’t ready to hire you just yet, get their email address to have a way to communicate with them in the future.
The best advice I can give you is to have a good lead magnet — a free thing you give away in exchange for an email address —and ask for as few details as possible in the beginning. A lot of financial advisor websites have these long, drawn-out capture forms that ask for name, email, phone number and more — as a rule of thumb, each additional piece of information you ask for will decrease your conversion rates.



2. Your Contact Information Isn't Super-Accessible.


When dealing with website usability, you need to assume people are lazy. Make the most important parts of your site super easy to access. If you make people look for more than two seconds, they’ll bounce.
If someone wants to find your contact information, they’re likely to look in two places:

  1. The upper right-hand corner.

  2. The footer of your site.

With that said, I’ve run countless tests and heat maps that all tell me the very top of your website is the most viewed area, which makes sense. 

In addition to the above two places, I recommend you put pertinent contact information above the fold and at the top of every single page on your website. You want to make things as easy as possible for a visitor, and accessible information eliminates the need to look for and click “Contact us.”

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